SuperVario Valve VFV

The SuperVario valve VFV offers, in contrast to other valve types, a greatly increased load range of up to 1:10. The perforated valve plate is located in a fixed cage. This valve has been proven for decades in many applications and is extremely robust.

High load range of more than 1:10
The trays can be designed for single or multi-downcomer.
Good efficiency because of uniform gas distribution over the entire load range
very good performance even at high liquid loads

Valve Tray

For decades the proven valve type – safe in design and robust. Replacement for existing V1 valve trays can be delivered very fast.

Caged Valve

Also proven for decades – the caged valve. Whether complete trays or replacement valves – we can deliver very fast.

JCPT High Capacity – Jet Coflow Packing Tray

The liquid is entrained over gaps in the chimneys and it comes there and in the packing section of the side chimney outlets to an intense contact between gas and liquid.


  • Up to 50% higher throughput compared to the valve tray
  • Relieving the downcomer with less gas in the liquid
  • Up to 15% more efficiency compared to a valve tray
  • 30% less pressure drop than a valve tray
  • High load range of 1: 4
  • Atmospheric to high pressure columns
  • Columns revamp for throughput and performance increase

Mini Fix Valve

The Mini Valve is characterized by a high capacity and a very good efficiency. The flow conditions allow for a small tray clearance.

Fix Valve

The Fix Valve tray is proven in many applications with simple separation tasks or fouling systems.

Rectangular Push Valve

Diese Weiterentwicklung des Rechteckventils mit Gasaustritten zeichnet sich durch eine 10% höhere Kapazität und Trennleistung aus. Die Gasaustritte in den Ventilen sind gerichtet und können so eine gleichmässige Strömung auf dem Ventilboden erzeugen.

4A-Extraction Tray

The 4A tray is a combination of “All Active Area” tray with a special structured packing for the extraction.


  • No Downcomer
  • No cross flow on the tray
  • 10% higher efficiency
  • Up to 30% more capacity
  • Very good with systems of high surface tension
  • Revamp of packing- or tray columns for capacity increase