Structured Packing


Metal Packing

Metal packings are offered with specific surface areas of 125, 200, 250, 300, 350, 500 and 700 m² / m³. The angles of the crimp to the vertical is 45 ° (Y-type) or 30 ° (X-type).

Preferred and always available materials are AISI 410S (= DIN 1.4000), AISI 304 (L) (= DIN 1.4301 / 1.4306) and AISI 316 (L) (= DIN 1.4401 / 1.4404). The surface structure and perforation are optimally matched to the wetting properties of the liquids.

The liquid wall wipers are always attached to the packings, which significantly reduces the assembly effort and always ensures that the important wall wipers are actually installed.

High Capacity Packing

With the patented high-performance packing, the angle of the lamella is adjusted from 45 ° to 0 ° in the edge area. This allows the gas and the liquid to pass from one packing layer to the other more easily. Furthermore, the lamellar angle is changed again in the middle of the element. In this so-called pulse section, there is a better gas-liquid mixing. The capacity of the column can thus be increased by up to 30% with the same packing surface and thus the same separation efficiency. A new column can be designed either with a smaller diameter or a higher capacity reserve.

At revamps, throughput increases at constant separation performance are easily possible.

The high capacity structured packings are available in 200, 250, 300, 350, 425, 450, 500 and 750 m² / m³ specific surface area.

Wire Gauze Packing

The wire gauze packing S500X and S700Y are used very successfully for the separation of thermally unstable substances. Due to the capillary effect, the special wire gauze offers a very good wettability and thus excellent separation performance, especially at low liquid loads.

Special features:


  • High separation efficiency per meter of packaging height
  • Low pressure drop per theoretical stage
  • Very small liquid loads (<0.1 m³ / m² * h) are possible
  • Little hold-up

Plastic Structured Packing

Plastic structured packings are with the spec. surfaces of 250 m² / m³ and the angles 45 ° (Y-type) available.

Ceramic Packing

Structured packings of chemical-technical porcelain are characterized by an outstanding resistance to almost all acids.

The following types are manufactured in the highest quality:
100X/Y, 125X/Y, 250X/Y, 350X/Y, 450X/Y, 550X/Y, 700X/Y