At Reynolds numbers (Re) greater than 2,300 a turbulent flow pattern is present in pipes.

This flow is characterized by turbulences and thus with a good radial exchange. Different geometries are offered for a defined mixing effect.


For mixing and dispersing of low-viscosity media, for gas-liquid contacting and reaction. In an MV element, the incoming flow is split into individual channels. By crossing these channels, the flow is mixed.
Therefore, this geometry is able to produce exactly the same homogeneity even with strongly fluctuating throughputs up to the area of the transitional flow.


The proven helical mixer for temperature and concentration homogenization with very low pressure loss.

A special version for applications with solids is possible..


The static mixer MX3 causes the mixing effect by creating vortices at higher Re-numbers. The Re-numbers should be over 10,000, making the mixer suitable for constant flows of low-viscosity media or gases.

The simple geometry convinces with the best price / performance ratio