Standard Helical Mixer


We offer standard helical mixer according the following specifications:

  • Material: AISI 316L or PVC
  • Mixing elements: 2-6 pcs.
  • Diameter: DN15 – DN20 – DN25 – DN32 – DN40 – DN50 – DN65 – DN80 – DN100
  • Design AISI316L: without housing – welding end – DIN2633 flange – ASTM 16.5 flange – BSP
  • Design PVC: welding end – PVC Union Joint (+GF+) – PVC flange

MXB mixer for Extrusion


Our standardized MXB mixers are made of a high-strength stainless steel and can handle extremely high pressure drops. After extruders, it is often important to re-homogenize the melt in terms of temperature and color in front of the dye, which can best be achieved with the MXB mixer.

  • As standard the mixers come with 4 MXB elements
  • The mixers can be supplied with retaining ring, sleeve or as a pure mixer.
  • Nominal sizes from DN40 to …
  • Standardized dimensions make it easy to replace your old mixer with third-party mixers.
  • Many sizes are available from stock

MX3K Mixer

The MX3 mixer made of PE100 offers a very good mixing effect in turbulent flows, especially in water applications. With the optional metering nozzle, they can easily add substances for water treatment and get an optimal mixture after a short distance.

  • The mixer elements are welded in the tube and relatively blockage
  • The mixers can be supplied with DIN or ASME flanges or weld-on ends
  • Nominal widths from DN50 to … Standard material is PE100HD, also suitable for drinking water is possible
  • Short delivery times due to storage of materials